Our International Gateway not only carries international traffic for our, but also for other telecommunications companies in the region. Throughour extensive operations we provide world-class voice quality for both inbound and outbound roaming.

With a special focus on the African continent, we have deployed and are still deploying world class communications infrastructure to facilitate Pan-African and international communications and trade.

Today Glo Gateway already offers a comprehensive suite of communications services to over 60 Private telecom operators and International Telcos worldwide.

Technical Infrastructure
Glo Gateway has a Point of Presence (POP) and International Traffic Hub in London, Hong Kong and New York. The Points of Presence deliver high quality voice connectivity with access to international voice carriers and services.

Service Offerings
Voice Services: High quality, cost effective International voice services, which include International Origination and Termination and Global Roaming Services.

  • Data Services: A broad range of connectivity and applications such as International SMS, GPRS and Blackberry services.
  • Management Services: A host of support & consulting services for businesses.

Our Gateway
Our Gateway is one of the largest carriers of voice traffic in Africa; we carry over 1.3 Billion International Minutes annually.
Locally we act as the gateway for most Network operators in Nigeria and the surrounding African countries.

On the global stage we have built strategic partnerships with over 40 Tier One Carriers of International repute. Large Telecos such as AT&T, BT, France Telecom, TeliaSonera, Sprint and T-Systems to name a few use Globacom’s state of the art Gateway to connect their customers into Africa.

Our network provides global connectivity for Africa through major teleport and switching facilities in Europe and the America’s and soon Asia.

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