Glo Handset Offer FAQs

What is Glo Handset Offer?
Glo handset Offer is a product designed to make the Gloworld outlets and phone stores in the open market a one stop shop to purchase smartphones (Tecno, Samsung and Nokia) bundled with Glo data.

How can I qualify for Glo Handset Offer?
The customer can simply walk into any gloworld or phone store nationwide to purchase either a Tecno or Nokia or Samsung handset and insert a new or existing Glo SIM to enjoy this offer.

What benefits do I get when I buy a smartphone?

Price Slab (N)Data Total volume for 6months
< 80,000500 MB3 GB
81,000 – 150,000750 MB4.5 GB
>150,0001 GB6 GB

 How can I qualify for Glo Handset Offer?
The customer must use a new or existing Glo SIM and insert in the new handset obtained from any gloworld outlet or any phone store. Upon inserting the SIM the customers immediately receives a bundled data valid for 10 days, thereafter monthly for the next 5 months upon a cumulative recharge of N500 every month.

How can I identify handsets eligible for this offer?
Customers should look out for Glo stickered handset. This would guide them before purchase.

Who is eligible to avail this offer?
Any customer who visits any Gloworld outlet or phone store in the market place can take part. Non-Glo customers are also welcomed. However, for non-Glo customers, the data will only be available and work on Glo lines.

Where will all the Smartphones be available for purchase?
The offer will be available at all Gloworld Outlets and at the open market across Nigeria.

What handsets brands are available for Glo Handset Offer?
The brands available are as listed below:
• Samsung
• Nokia
• Tecno

Is this offer also available at other outlets such as Glozone?
Yes, the offer is available on all stickered boxes regardless of where it’s sold.

What do I do to get the airtime and/or data?
The data is automatically credited to your line once your registered Glo line is inserted in the Glo Stickered Tecno or Nokia  or Samsung smartphone.

What is the validity of the data bundle I receive?
Bundled data received is valid for 10 days.

What is the code to check my free data?
Data can be viewed by dialing *127*0# or *777#. You can also visit portal at or SMS ‘info’ to 127.

What happens to my existing data when I receive the free data bonus on Glo Handset Offer?
The data for Handset Offer is ‘added’ to your existing data plan with appropriate validity extension.

If I am an existing subscriber will I get the data?
Yes you will get them as long as you buy a qualifying device.

What if I remove my qualifying SIM to another handset or to another SIM slot before the second month?
This means you will forfeit the data bonus on that line the second month except it’s inserted into the qualified device and has done the cumulative recharge of N500.

How do I use the bonus data if I have an existing data on my line?
Continue using your data as normal. But if you check the status of your plan, you will notice that the validity and volume would have been updated to reflect the bonuses received.

Can I carry over unused Glo handset offer data?
No, the unused data will be forfeited after 10days validity elapses.

What is the validity of Glo Handset offer?
Handset Offer will run for 6months from start date.

Can I opt in for other promotions while I have existing promotion bundles data?
Yes. This will not affect your eligibility for any other Glo offers or promos.

Will I lose my current data if I migrate from my current tariff plan?
You are not migrating to a new tariff plan. Bonuses are added to your account without any changes to your profile.

Can I share or gift my allocated data?
You can share the data. But it cannot be gifted.

What about the warranty on the devices?
All devices come with standard OEM warranty.

How does the extended warranty work?
Extended warranty is not available on all devices. Please refer to handbills/flyers for more details.

Is this promotion available to postpaid customers?
Yes, the promotion is available to postpaid customers.

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