One veritable platform being employed by the next generation network, Globacom, to communicate its brand promise is the television commercial which entails dramatization of information through a robust deployment of a panoply of its iconic brand ambassadors. One after the other, the television commercials alert Nigerians to the mouth watering offerings by Globacom and the Glo Data Mart TVC is not different as it takes the subscriber through the rich data offers on display at the mart.

With urbane Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD) as protagonist, the Glo Mart TVC opens with a shot of an open bar where RMD surrounded by other bystanders is reading a newspaper with a Globacom print advertisement featuring the lady of songs, Di’ja Blell announcing that with just N1,000 Glo subscribers can get 1.5 GB while N2,000 will fetch them a whopping 4.5 GB!. The commercial starts with a series of rhetorical questions from an overwhelmed persona wondering how a telecommunication network can deliver so great a value with a paltry sum!

How do you explain the unbelievable mega data plans offered by the Glo Mart? asks RMD as he flips through the newspaper. He then rises from the table and pays for his drink and proceeds to point to another artwork announcing another juicy offer with the picture of Mavin sensation, Reekado Banks promising 6GB for N3,000 and in a geometric incremental value N4,000 earning the user 9 GB! This fantastic offer leads RMD to posit another question “How do you explain that?” whilst pointing to the poster. He then moves on to another poster offering featuring Korede Bello’s picture and advertising the booster plans which can serve as boosters for the data plans whenever a subscriber runs short without notice. N200 will give the user 500 MB while N500 attracts 1 GB!

It does not end there as RMD moves to show the viewer, the Thank God It’s Friday(TGIF) poster with the picture of inimitable Wiz Kid emblazoned and promising a hard-to-believe 3GB for only N500 on weekends and 1GB for just night browsing with N200. He captures this with another rhetorical question “How can Glo offer TGIF of 3GB for only N500?” Subscribers also have the opportunity to do either a monthly plan or night or weekend or booster plans. The protagonist goes on to adduce reasons for this incredible offers saying “…Glo submarine cables pour 2.4 terra bites of world class bandwidth to West Africa every second seamlessly connected to Glo’s 20 kilometers fibre optic network offering the best customer services to every individual, every family, institutions and business”. Relevant shots of cited subscribers complements RMD’s narrative and confers the TVC with its grand appeal. RMD then justifies it by positing in this sound bite “…It all suddenly makes sense! Doesn’t it?”.

The opt in code is *777# for all data plans. This is very symbolic as the significance of figure seven in card games is well acknowledged and it is referred to as ‘ace’ when it is tripled. An ace is the proverbial game changer that can be used to break logjams and solve problems when one literally has the cards stacked against him or you are in a disadvantageous situation that may prevent you from achieving your goals. The unique thing about the opt in code is that it is monolithic for all the data offerings and it is easily recalled by subscribers.

All said, the next generation network, Globacom is forever reinventing to add more value to its highly esteemed subscribers and the Glo Data Mart TVC is another innovative way of further raising the bar in marketing communications and offering more data for the subscribers’ hard earned money.


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