Mobile Money (Glo Xchange)
Mobile Money
“Mobile Money is a service whereby customers use their mobile phone device to send and receive monetary value – or more simply put, to transfer money electronically from one person to another using a mobile phone as Mobile Wallet”.
Glo Xchange
Is the First Super-Agency Network for licensed mobile money operators in Nigeria brand named the “Glo Xchange”.
This is Globacoms’ Mobile Money Agent Network of outlets spread across the country where customers visit to carry out mobile money transactions such as customer registration, cash –in , cash-out, airtime purchase, bill payments etc.

Cashless and Financial Inclusion Opportunities
How It Works


Mobile Money Agent
Who is a Mobile Money Agent?
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How to become a Mobile Money Agent
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Becoming A Mobile Money Agent
Opportunity to increase traffic and revenue
Global network and brand
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Regulatory compliance
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