BlackBerry 10 Plans FAQs


What are the Unified Data plans?
Glo now offers unified BB10 data plans which give access to 2G, 3G and 4G LTE. No need to buy specific 4G-LTE BB10 plans for 4G-LTE access as you can enjoy 2G, 3G and 4G-LTE data as one pack.

What does this mean for the Glo data customer?
Glo data customers no longer needs to buy multiple plans for specific access but can enjoy all benefits of 4G, 3G and 2G Data in one unified plan. Although access is dependent on coverage, and compatible LTE hand set and sim card.

What happens to my current 3G BB10 plan?
Your current 3G BB10 plan will now give you access to 4G data as well and will now work on any network coverage that is available 2G, 3G or 4G-LTE.

Will I be able to still top up my current plan either 3G OR 4G?
Yes. You can purchase a unified BB10 data plan to top-up your current BB10 data plan.

Will I still be able to buy 4G LTE BB10 plan following the merger?
Yes, all plans are now ‘unified’. All plans will work on 4G-LTE and can be purchased by dialing *777#.

Will the unified plans be available to all customers?
Yes. All plans are available for prepaid and postpaid customers.

How do I get these unified plans?
All plans are available on USSD by dialing *777# to make plan selections.

Can these unified plans be gifted?
No. All BB10 plans are NOT giftable.

Can these unified plans be shared?
No. All BB10 plans are NOT sharable.

Will these unified plans work on modems, routers and mobile routers?
No, these plans will not work on active Glo SIM inserted in modems, routers and mobile routers. However, they are targeted at BlackBerry 10 handset users.

Can I stack these plans? Subscribe multiple times?
Yes, these plans are stackable but with a maximum of 3 plans consecutively.

Are these unified plans auto-renewable?
Yes, all BB10 data plans are auto renewable, customers who auto renew their data plans will get100% data bonus.

Is there a grace period for auto renewal on these unified plans?
Yes, if you purchase/ renew data plan, within 72 hours of expiry / exhaustion of the active data plan you will get 100 % bonus.

Unified BB10 Data Plan table

3G-4G BB10 Plan Name Price (N)Data Volume Data Volume with 100% BonusValiditySMS to 777USSD Code
BB10010035MB70MB1 DayBB100*777*4#
BB200200100MB200MB5 DayBB200*777*5#
BB500500800MB1.6GB10 DaysBB500*777*7#
BB100010001.6GB3.2GB30 DaysBB1000*777*8#
BB200020003.75GB7.5GB30 DaysBB2000*777*9#
BB250025005GB10GB30 DaysBB2500*777*10#
BB300030006GB12GB30 DaysBB3000*777*17#
BB400040008GB16GB30 DaysBB4000*777*18#
BB5000500012GB24GB30 DaysBB5000*777*19#
BB8000800016GB32GB30 DaysBB8000*777*20#
BB150001500030GB60GB30 DaysBB15000*777*410#
BB180001800045GB90GB30 DaysBB18000*777*411#

 Only new customers or existing customers who renew their active data plans before expiry are eligible for the 100% Bonus.
 There is no change to any of the existing data plan features.
 Access to 4G LTE on all unified data plans is dependent on coverage, LTE compatible devices with 4G LTE Sim cards.

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