Upgraded 3G to 4G offer FAQs


1. What is 3G to 4G SIM UPGRADE OFFER?
An existing GLO Smartphone user using a 3G SIM and upgrades to 4G SIM, he will get the following benefits:

OfferOne Time Data BenefitSubsequent Benefit
3G to 4G SIM Upgrade10GB25% extra data on subsequent data purchases for 6 months
Validity7 DaysAs per the data plan purchased

2. Are all customers eligible for the offer?
No. only customers currently having 3G SIMs and who swap their existing 3G SIM to 4G will get the offer.

3. Once I swap my 3G SIM to 4G, will I get the offer?
a. Yes. You will receive a one-time bonus of 10GB upon successful swap and purchase of N500 and above data plan.
b. In addition, you will enjoy 25% extra data bonus on all subsequent data plan purchase between N500 and N5000 purchased for the next 6 months.

4. What is the validity of the 10GB Upgrade Data Bonus?
The validity of the one-time data bonus of 10GB is 7 Days.

5. Can I accumulate the unused data after the 7 days validity?
No. Any unused data after 7 days will be forfeited.

6. Can I accumulate the 7 days validity if I buy any other plan?
No. This is a standalone one-time benefit offer. You can neither accumulate the validity nor the unused data. However, the 10GB data will be consumed as 1st priority.

7. Can I share the 10GB data bonus?
No. Sharing of the 10GB data is not allowed.

8. What about my profile/recharge-based bundle/bonus? For example, YAKATA data bonus on recharge if I am on YAKATA?
You will continue to get your normal bonus as per your profile/recharge.

9. What if I have some data remaining in my current subscription before doing the upgrade?
Your remaining bundle will run simultaneously and the 10GB data bonus will have priority.

10. What if I buy any data plan which is less than N500?
You will not get the 10GB one-time upgrade bonus. However, you will get the one-time 10GB data bonus whenever you buy any data plan of N500 or more as long as it is within the 4 months of your SIM upgrade.

11. What if I am an existing OGA SIM customer?
If you are an existing OGA SIM customer, you will continue to avail your OGA SIM benefit for the remaining period of the OGA SIM Offer. For example, if you upgrade your SIM after 1 month of availing the OGA SIM offer, you will continue to get the OGA SIM benefit for the next 3 months. (Offer period for OGA SIM benefit is 4 months). During the OGA sim offer period, you will not be eligible for the 25% extra bonus

12. What will happen to my existing data balance when I do a SIM upgrade?
There will be no loss of your existing plan and your balance data. You will continue to use the same so long as the plan(s) have not expired.

13. Where can I get the SIM upgrade done?
You can visit any GLOWORLD, GLOZONE or any SIM SWAP Outlet, to get your SIM upgrade.

14. What is the cost of the SIM if I go for an upgrade?
SIM upgrade is FREE in GLOWORLD. Normal SIM Cost will apply at other sales channels.

15. Will the offer be applicable to NEW customers?
No. The offer is only applicable to existing customers who are currently using 3G SIMs and upgrade to a 4G SIM.

16. I am using a 4G SIM. I lost my SIM or my SIM is faulty. I go to SWAP my SIM to a 4G SIM. Am I eligible to get the offer?
No. You will not be eligible to get the offer.

17. What if I swap my Existing 3G SIM to another 3G SIM?
In this case, you won’t be eligible to get the offer. The offer is available only when you UPGRADE your existing 3G SIM to a 4G SIM.

18. For how long is the offer available?
It’s a limited period offer. Globacom reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time.

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