The Prepaid Roaming service allows prepaid customers to use their Glo lines outside Nigeria the same way one uses when in Nigeria, such that one can make calls or can be reached on the same number depending on the roaming arrangement. All one needs to do is recharge the account adequately before traveling or take Glo recharge cards and load as required to increase account balance any time in diaspora.

• One global telephone number
• Reachable anytime, anywhere
• Simple and easy to use
• Eliminates inconveniences of sending new phone number to friends
• No additional registration or subscription charges required

• Voicemail – Voicemail is supported while roaming. Customer retrieves deposited voicemail messages by dialing +234111 and last 6 digits of your phone and following the voice prompts.
• SMS – A roaming customer can only receive SMS’s ; he won’t be able to send. Receiving SMS’s is free.
Note: Magic plus cannot be used while roaming.
• Caller-ID – A roaming customer may only be able to see Caller-ID for certain destinations while roaming.

Service overview
• Customer can load using USSD (*123* 14 OR 15 digits #) while roaming
• Customer will not be able to forward calls while roaming
• Customer won’t be able to use Magic Plus while roaming
• Customer can only use USSD method to check balance (*124#)
• GPRS will not be available for the roaming customer
• Charging depends on the visited country

Click here for rates

Please note:
a. Prepaid roaming agreement is only available within the following countries.
b. Please note that the rates below are subject to fluctuations in foreign currencies and change in rates from the Roaming Partners.
c. They should be considered approximate rates for roaming in the said location.

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