Roaming FAQs

What is Glo International  Roaming Service?
More people are traveling internationally than ever before with reasons ranging from business to tourism. Being in touch globally is now an absolute necessity, and has become a requirement for many of our customers. International Roaming with Glo keeps you in touch and connected with your contacts in Nigeria and around the world. Glo has International Roaming agreements with GSM operators in the most popular international destinations.

How does Glo International Roaming Service work?
Glo International Roaming Service allows you to use your Glo mobile phone and number when you travel abroad. By dialing your Glo mobile number, your friends, family or business contacts will be get in touch irrespective of where you are. The service will only work in countries with which Glo has live roaming connectivity. The list of countries is growing on a daily basis allowing you the convenience of using your Glo mobile number in over 437 networks in 180 countries worldwide.

What types of International Roaming services are available on the Glo Network? 

  • For Postpaid subscribers;
    • Voice
    • Data/GPRS
    • SMS MO [Sending SMS
    • SMS MT [Receiving SMS]
  • For Prepaid subscribers;
    • Voice
    • SMS MO [Sending SMS
    • SMS MT [Receiving SMS]

How do I use Glo International Roaming Service? 

The Glo International Roaming Service has been designed to ensure ease-of-use for all customers. Getting connected to a foreign network is as seamless as possible. Just follow these easy steps:

  • On arrival in a foreign country, switch on your mobile phone.
  • You can register to the network into two ways, automatically or manually.
  • To register automatically, just switch on your mobile and the phone will choose one of the available networks in the visited network.
  • To register manually, go to the network selection and choose the option manually, once the search has been completed; the phone will display all the available network operators you can select to make calls from your mobile.

You will now be able to make and receive calls on your mobile phone using your Glo mobile number.

How to make a call when I’m in roaming?

While You are in roaming, the safest way to dial a number is in international format.
+(country code)(network code)(customer number), for example:
+234 805 585 1145, or
+44 171 1234567, no matter whether the dialed number is in the country of Your location or any other.

All other methods of dialing depend on the selected network while abroad.

How are calls charged in roaming?
The main feature of the charging system in roaming is that incoming calls are also charged. Outgoing and incoming calls, as well as sending SMS, are charged a fixed rate, depending on partner and their pricelists, which may vary in time.

GPRS and other additional services are charged differently, depending on the roaming partner and their pricelists, which may vary in time.

  • Tariff for Postpaid: Available on our website.
  • Tariff for Prepaid: Available on our website.

Note: The Tariffs on our website should only act as a guide as there are consistent fluctuations in currency exchange rates across the world.

Does Glo charge for Incoming Calls while roaming?


  • For Postpaid subscribers: Available on our website.
  • For Prepaid subscribers: Available on our website. 

How do I top-up or check my account balance while roaming?
The same local USSD [*123*Recharge number# and send] can be used to Top up while roaming. This applies to both Post-paid and Pre-paid subscribers.

How can I get recharge vouchers while roaming?
In various ways;
•        Get someone in Nigeria to buy you recharge vouchers and text you the PIN
•        Visit any paypoint or payzone outlet worldwide to buy Glo recharge
•        Or Top-up Online @

What can I do if I have a problem while I am Roaming?
You can contact Glo Customer Care via email; /  and/or by calling;

Postpaid     –        +234 805 002 0200 OR 200
Prepaid       –        +234 805 002 0121 OR 121

** International call rates apply for all calls to Customer Care while roaming

Our dedicated Customer Care team will be available 24 hours a day seven days a week (including public holidays) to ensure that any problem or question that you might have is resolved as soon as possible with the least amount of inconvenience to you.

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