Glo Oga SIM

One of the BIGGEST data bonus offer to ever hit Nigeria is here.

Get an amazing 125% bonus on ALL data plans when you buy a new Glo SIM. Existing customers aren’t left out, existing customers get 25% bonus on all data plans.

Dial *777# to choose plan.

See details of bonus offers and eligibility criteria for new and existing customers below:

Data Plan Price (N)Data Plans for New Customers (Less than or equal to 90 days on the network)Validity
5045MB1 day
200400MB + 100MB* = 500MB2 days
5001.6GB + 200MB* = 1.8GB14 Days
1,0003.2GB + 500MB* = 3.7GB30 days
1,5006.25GB + 500MB* = 6.75GB
2,0009GB + 500MB* = 9.5GB
2,50012GB + 750MB* = 12.75GB
3,00016.25GB + 750MB* = 17GB
4,00018.25GB + 750MB* = 19GB
5,00022GB + 1GB* = 23GB
8,00036GB + 1GB* = 37GB
10,00040GB + 2GB* = 42GB
15,00075GB + 3GB* = 78GB
18,00095GB + 5GB* = 100GB
20,000110GB + 5GB* = 115GB

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