International Half Marathon

Globacom took over sponsorship of the annual 21-kilometre Lagos International Half Marathon in 2008, with the company holding the sponsorship rights for five years in the first instance. So far, two editions of the race have been held in partnership with the property owners, the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN): the first on December 8, 2007, and the second on February 22 2009.

Globacom has raised the profile of the race significantly and this has generated huge interest in the race in terms of profile and number of athletes participating in it. The prize money of $210,000 (about N27 million) is about three times bigger than the biggest marathon prize on the continent so far. The Nairobi Marathon, for example, offers a total of $76, 000 for all categories which include a full marathon, a half marathon and a wheelchair race. The Lagos marathon is only a half marathon.

Another highlight of the Glo-sponsored half marathon is the parity in cash prizes: both the male and female winners take home the same $50,000 (over N6.5 million) cash prizes for their category. The first runners-up (male and female) receive $25,000 (N3.25 million) each, while the second male and female runners-up receive $15,000 (N1.95 million) each.

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