Glo Heritage Series: Lisabi Festival

LISABI: Festival of Liberation for Egba Indigenes
Lisabi Festival is an annual celebration of freedom from oppression and slavery as achieved by the redoubtable hero, Lisabi Agbongboakala, the progenitor of Egba indigenes.

The modern day Lisabi Festival has been a veritable platform over the years to develop Egbaland in particular and Ogun State in general. Egba indigenes are pioneers in many professions in the country and they play pre-eminent roles in politics and governance. Abeokuta is host to the first newspaper and the first church in the country, amongst other feats.

Globacom’s robust partnership with the Egba people on Lisabi Festival is to keep Agbongboakala’s pioneering, courageous and excellent spirits alive in Egbaland with a view to imbuing young ones with the noble values of hard work, integrity, honesty, love and patriotism, which are all hallmarks of Egba ethos.

During the festival, Globacom organizes various competitions in football, ayo, quiz and debates amongst the federating units that make up Egbaland in the five local government areas they occupy as well as in schools located in the area.

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