SIM Information

We offer 3 types of SIM cards with different sizes but all doing the same job. The SIM card types are:

Standard SIM
Micro SIM
Nano SIM

Every device is designed to work with a certain size, so ensure you check which one you need for your phone, tablet or mobile broadband/4G WiFi device. If you’re unsure which SIM size your device needs, you can:

– Read your device manual; this should include advice on the correct SIM needed
– Visit one of our Gloworld Shops for advice
– Read the info below on SIM sizes Standard SIM
This is the original SIM size and is mainly used in older phones and devices. It measures 25mm x 15mm in size.
Example of devices using the standard SIM:

  • Apple- iPhone 3GS
  • Samsung – Galaxy SII, Note
  • Nokia – 300, 301
  • HTC – Desire HD

Micro SIM
Micro SIMs are smaller size than Standard SIMs. These are mainly used in smartphones. It measures 15mm x 12mm in size.
Examples of micro SIM devices:

  • Apple – iPhone 4/4S
  • Apple iPad Retina Display
  • Sony – Xperia S, T, X, Z
  • HTC – One
  • Nokia – N9, Lumia 520/720/820
  • Samsung – Galaxy Express, SIII, S4, Note II

Nano SIM
Used with the latest Apple devices, this is the smallest size out of the three. It measures 12.3mm x 8.8mm in size.
Examples of nano SIM devices include :

  • Apple – iPhone 6, 6+, 5, 5c, 5s and iPad Mini
  • HTC – One (M8) HTC Desire 610

However, if you are switching from a device that uses a standard SIM to one that uses Micro SIM, the SIM card can also be cut for you by our expert customer service staff at the Gloworld, that is if you don’t want to buy a new one.

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