Audio Conferencing

A unique value added Enterprise Conference Solution

Glo Audio Conferencing allows a subscriber to simply create an audio conf by dialing the conference bridge along with the intended participants, and places them into a multi-party audio conference. It’s an easy to use, always available conferencing service.

It reduces travel cost, and helps in more collaboration with customers, vendors, employees etc across geographies with higher productivity – in a more cost-effective way.


Conference Bridge
Number of participants240 ports available. Meaning at least 240 people together can join a conference together.
Audio Conference typesReservation-less Meet me audio conference This service allows 3 or more people to dial into the bridge and conduct an impromptu audio conference. The Moderator and the Participants use permanently assigned PINs. No prior scheduling is required. This service does not guarantee the availability of ports for conducting a conference.Reservation-based Meet me audio conference This service requires prior scheduling of the conference call. The system will reserve required number ports for the duration of the call so port availability is guaranteed for all Participants. These calls use unique PINs that are valid only for the particular call session. This service guarantees availability of ports for the duration for which the conference is scheduled.
Audio Conference BookingSpecial Toll Free customer care number 800  is available to subscribe and book Glo Audio Conference. Special toll free bridge (For Glo customers) 08050185123 available to call and attend audio conference.
Web Portal ControlsWeb portal available to create and manage audio conference with multiple controls available for audio conference Moderator including unique features like conference recording, class room mode, voting etc.
Moderator ControlsModerator controls are available on special website with multiple features including call charging for all participants. Only a Glo customer can be a moderator and subscribe and book audio conference.
Customer CareGlo customers can call free on the special audio conference customer care helpdesk – ” 800 ” to subscribe and book audio conference. Non Glo customers can call 08050200800 at respective local tariff.
SecurityModerator can control who joins and can remove participants from the conference. The conference starts only when the moderator joins and conference ends when moderator leaves.
Pricing and FeaturesMultiple tariff options (Silver / Platinum tariff plan) for Reservation and Meet Me audio conference along with multiple customer friendly features including system reminder via sms and mail for the Moderator about the schedule audio conference, participants waiting for the conference to begin, etc
Schedule recurring audio conferences via the Web Portal. Use Microsoft Outlook iCalendar application to send invitations to desired participants.
See real time view of a running audio conference via Web Portal. Participants can be seen by name or by caller ID.
Display loudest speaker.
Exercise multiple in-conference controls via phone key presses or the Web portal (Mute/Un-mute, Mute All/Un-mute All, Lock/Unlock, Start/Stop Recording).
Question and Answer Mode.
Drag and drop participants between conferences via Web Portal.
Audio call begins when the moderator joins.
Audio call terminates when the moderator disconnects.
Record entire conference or excerpts from a conference and playback via PC’s media player.
Secured Audio Conference calls through the Audio Conference Bridge.


Billing Plan

Plan NameCharge To ModeratorCharge to Participants to call AC Bridge
Rental (N)Rate/Port/Min (N)Rate charged to Participants
Silver Plan15,000251. Glo Customers- Toll Free2. Non-Glo customer- As per their plan
Diamond Plan25,00015


For further Inquires and Booking call 800 or 08050200800


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