Glo Gamebox FAQs


1. What is GLO GAME BOX?
ANS: GLO Game Box is a Subscription Club for games and apps. For a fixed and attractive fee, you get unlimited access to more than 400 best Android games

2. How do I subscribe to GLO GAME BOX?
ANS: To subscribe SEND Games, Sub Gamebox, Sub Games or Sub Glo Gamebox to short code 900 or dial *900#. Click on the link you received and accept the Terms of Service and you will be charged for the plan you subscribe or go to and subscribe from there.

3. What are the available subscription plans and validity
ANS: Monthly N150; Weekly N50; Daily N10

4. How do I pay for the subscription
ANS: The subscription fee for GLO GAME BOX service and any other charges you may incur in connection with your use of the service will be charged from your available airtime balance

5. How do I install Game / App
ANS: You can install a game/app from GLO GAME BOX when you have subscribed to the service and have an Internet connection via Wi-Fi or mobile data. Open the GAME BOX app, tap on a game/app and then tap “Install”

6. How many games/apps can I download?
ANS: If your subscription is active, you can download and use as many games/apps you want. Users will be able to play off-line games without internet as long as their subscription is valid.

7. Are there really no in-app purchases?
ANS: Most games are unlocked with all levels available. Some games have an economy that would be broken if a player has unlimited access to everything. The GLO Game Box solution is to give you in app money to spend, the more you play the more money you’re given plus you get some for each game every day.

8. How many games/apps can I have on my smartphone?
ANS: On average, the available games/apps are about 40 megabytes. If you have 2 gigabytes of free space on your smartphone, it’s possible to store approximately 50 applications.

9. Where do I find my installed games/apps?
ANS: Open GLO Game Box, click on the top lists and then “My Apps”. Here you can find all games/app that have been installed

10. Why am I not able to download a game/app?
1. The storage space on your smartphone (the game/app will not download if there is insufficient storage space on your smartphone)
2. Your connection (a bad connection can prevent a download from completing).
3. Confirm that the smartphone allows installation from Glo Game Box by opening “Settings” on the smartphone and navigate to “Unknown Sources” option (under “Security” or “Applications” depending on the smartphone model). If unchecked, tap the checkbox and then tap OK on the confirmation popup.

11. How do I cancel my subscription?
ANS: To unsubscribe send Unsub Gamebox, Unsub Games or Unsub Glo Gamebox and send to 900 or unsubscribe from the Glo game box app

12. When I cancel my subscription, can I still use downloaded games/apps?
ANS: Games/apps are associated with the subscription, if you cancel the subscription, you can no longer use the installed games/apps.

13. How can I contact the GLO Game Box team for my questions and feedback?
ANS: Please call 121 or 200 to speak to a call center representative

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