Introducing Entertainment at its Best. Get access to over thousands of hours of HD movies, cartoon, sports, documentaries & more. This service is exclusive to only Glo subscribers on the Glo Cafe. Click here to enjoy on Glo Cafe.

  • Available FREE for 60 days to all Glo customers & N100 per month thereafter.
  • All customers with higher data plans will get iflix included as part of the Data bundle subscription.
  • Download the movies on any device(Mobile,Tablet or desktop) and watch later in offline mode.
  • Customers can create their own playlist.
  • Users can continue the watching the movie from where you left the last time.
  • Application is available on Glo Cafe (web version), iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Send “BUZZ” to 105 to download Glo Cafe App or Download app here

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