Voice Alert

Glo has launched Voice Alert Service which allows the subscriber to satisfy their specific content choices anywhere on a daily basis. Glo Voice Alert Service is unique and simple targeted towards all age group of customers.

Glo Voice subscription Alert service is an IVR base service which is hosted on a dedicated shot code 77022. The Voice Alert subscription service caters to different sections such as news, information, entertainment, knowledge etc. The services is available on Subscription and customers will receive voice alerts on a daily basis. Customers will be able to subscribe and Un-subscribe from the IVR or by sending SMS to 77022. We are providing these gamut of exciting, unique & user friendly services to Glo customers on a subscription base model.

Key Features of Voice Alert Subscription:

  • Subscription through IVR, on promotional OBD and SMS
  • Regular voice alerts for the user for the chosen content
  • One-stop access to subscribe to various services
  • Easy subscription and un-subscription of the services with few clicks or keyword

How to enjoy the service
The subscriber can subscribe via IVR by dialing 77022 toll free and listening to the voice prompts or by sending a text SUB with the Key-Word to the toll free short code 77022. Example: to subscribe for “Romantic Tips”, text SUB ROMANCE to 77022.

Cost of the service
Flexible charging option/ Micro-charging – based on the user balance the user can opt for the service i.e. N100 for 30 days, N50 for 15 days, and N25 for 7 days.

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