Family and Friends Finder FAQs


Now you can find anybody with a Globacom line. Give yourself peace of mind about the safety of your
family or use this cool tool to locate your close friends. Consent needed for the first location request.

You can find others without disrupting their activities by calls. All phones work with Globacom Friend Finder. Easy to use and affordable.

How do I register for the service?
You don’t need to register to the service separately. You just start using the service for example FIND and phone number sent to 5511 or you give consent to somebody by accepting their request by sending YES to 5511.

Why can I not receive location of this other person who has given consent to locate him?
The other person may have cancelled your FIND rights. Please send LIST to 5511 to see your FIND rights. If you have FIND rights but have not received response, the other phone might be switched off or he may have traveled abroad.

I think this other person is able track me. How do I stop that?
Please send LIST to 5511 and you can see if you have given FIND rights of your location to other people. If you want to stop others from locating you, please send STOP PHONENUMBER to 5511 that will stop one specific person locating you. Alternatively if you send STOP to 5511, after that nobody is able to locate you and you cannot locate others until new FIND rights have been given.

Can I locate somebody if there is no network available where he is?
No. The other has to be within the network coverage area.

I didn’t give this other person location rights but he can locate me now. How is that possible?
Either somebody has held your phone without your knowledge or you may have accidently responded “YES” to a location request. If you want to stop others from locating you, please send STOP PHONENUMBER to 5511 that will stop one specific person locating you.

Can I use my contact list in the phone with FIND command?
The Glo Family and Friends Finder app is integrated with your contact list in the phone. But for the SMS service, you will need to type FIND PHONUMBER NICKNAME (e.g. FIND 0805xxxxxx Dami) when requesting for the location. Second time request allows the use of nicknames (e.g. FIND Dami). The app will be available for Java, Android and Blackberry phones. Only one click and you can find your friend!

I gave consent to locate me but the other person cannot locate me. Why?
You need to respond within 4 days after the other person sends the FIND request message. When you respond YES, only the last FIND request has been given consent to provide your location.

My son has other operator’s SIM card. Can I locate him?
No you cannot. You would need to ensure that he changes to the Glo network so that you can track and locate him freely.

The person I am trying to locate cannot be located. Why?
It could be that the other phone number has not been in the network for a long time. It could also be that he has stopped your FIND rights or has opted to HIDE so that he cannot be located for 24 hours. (Customer care, please respect customer’s privacy and do not reveal customer’s hide status).

Can Globacom staff locate me?
No. Location is available only for people who have received your consent to be able to locate you. Consent is only given by replying YES to a location request.

My daughter is at the university but the location says she is around a petrol station that is not that close to the university. How is that possible?
She may have left the university area. Alternatively her phone could be using network base station that is not next to the school but very close to the petrol station. We only know that she is around this petrol station but she could still be at the university if that is around the petrol station too.

How to: Send command messages to a shortcode 5511

• FIND PHONENUMBER NICKNAME e.g. FIND 0805xxxxxx Lisa – nothing will happen until ‘Lisa’ accepts the new locator. Second time FIND NICKNAME e.g. FIND Lisa command is sufficient
• STOP PHONENUMBER e.g. STOP 0805xxxxxx cancels one specific locator. STOP without a phone number cancels all locating rights of others and your rights to locate others.
• LIST – who can locate me, who can I locate
• YES – response giving consent for the other person to locate me
• WHO – who has located me during the past 24 hours
• HIDE – you cannot be located for 24 hours. UNHIDE to enable location requests
• FIND ALL – requests for location for all persons who have given you FIND rights
• SOS – people who have locating rights on you receive message that you are in trouble and your location
• OK – people who have locating rights on you receive message that you are ok and your location
• HELP – short description how the service works
• APP – sends a link to download the Glo Finder app.

Once a month you receive a list who can locate you.

YESResponse to a FIND requestFree
HELPRequest help and information on the serviceFree
APPRequest a link to download the appFree
HIDEMake yourself ‘invisible’ from the service so that people can’t find your location for 24hoursN20
UNHIDEUsed to cancel the HIDE commandFree
FINDFind a family or friend. Eg FIND 08051234567N50
SOSSend an SOS message to all those who you have allowed to find you. Useful when stranded or in an emergency.N20 per recipient
OKSend a message to all those who you have allowed to find you. Useful when you want people to know you are OK.N50 per recipient
LISTShow a list of people who can find you and those whom you can find,N20
WHOShow a list of people who have used the service to find you in the past 24hours.N20
STOPStop using the service. No one can find you and you lose the rights you have to find people.Free
STOP 0805xxxxxxxStop 0805xxxxxxx from being able to find you.Free

Link to Globacom Family Finder application

• Smartphone application enhancing user experience. Just one click to find your family and friends!
Use the abbreviated URL


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