Nigeria @ 61: Glo Salutes Resilience of Nigerians

Nigeria @ 61: Glo Salutes Resilience of Nigerians

Globacom has congratulated the government and the people of Nigeria on the country’s 61st Independence Day celebration.


In a statement issued from its head office in Lagos to mark the nation’s anniversary, the company commended citizens at home and abroad for their unrelenting patriotism and industry, despite the challenges they may confront.


“There is every reason for the country to celebrate its independence anniversary, as the current challenges facing us as a nation are not insurmountable. With unity of purpose, commitment, sacrifice, and continued patriotism we shall overcome”, Globacom stated.


The technology company, which recently celebrated 18 years of operations and enabling firsts, called on all Nigerians to join hands with leaders across the political, economic, religious, and traditional spectrum to accelerate the sustainable development of the country for future generations.


“History has shown that many nations passed through even more tumultuous and difficult periods in their journey to greatness and overcame. Nigeria won’t be an exception so long as we remain committed to building a prosperous nation where opportunities abound for all. On our part, we will continue to empower Nigerians with quality and affordable telecommunications solutions to enhance their progress”, the company added.


It recalled the revolutionary changes made in the telecommunications sector from the days when telephone was for the elite in society to the current situation where almost everyone has a phone and business, finance, education, social activities and other aspects of life are powered by telecoms as evidence of how far Nigeria has come and the wins recorded.


Globacom encouraged all its current and prospective subscribers to take advantage of its unmatched bouquet of products and services so they can be ‘’Unlimited” in pursuit of their goals and in building long-lasting connections.  

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