Dear Customers we request you please to carry Glo 4G SIM while traveling!! Please contact nearest Glo world store for SIM upgrades! Some Operator in the listed partner countries have shut down or are shutting down 2G/3G services. Click here to see list. Happy Roaming!!

Stay connected, worldwide
even from any of the array of your devices.

Are you planning a trip and want to use Glo Mobile Device while you’re away? Get information and tips to help you stay connected, even when you’re far from home.
How international roaming works, and why your device matters:


Four frequencies (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) are used for wireless services worldwide.


Each phone has a radio transmitter-receiver that works on one frequency (single-band) or on more than one frequency (multi-band).


Since frequencies vary from carrier to carrier and country to country, you’ll need a phone or device for international roaming that works on the frequency where you’re travelling. If you have a “quad-band” device, it will work virtually anywhere there’s a wireless signal.

24-hour Customer Care service for Roamers

Our Customer Care service can be accessed by dialing the long or short code below from your mobile;

Contract Subscriber:
+2348050020200 or the short code 200

Prepaid Subscriber:
+2348050020121 or the short code 121

Calling Customer Care while roaming internationally is not free of charge for any Glo customer and will attract applicable roaming rates.

roaming rates by Country/Network

Coverage in most countries is generally of a high standard; however reception may be unavailable or interrupted due to terrain or handset quality. Services available may differ from country to country.