Receive free notifications on missed calls when your phone is switched off or out of reach

Missed Call Alert (MCA) service allows notification to be sent to both the calling party “A” and receiver “B” where the receiver was previously out of coverage area or switched off.


  • Service is available for all Globacom subscribers
  • You will be notified of the calls you missed when you were not Reachable or Switched Off
  • Your friend shall be notified when you are back on the network
  • Check “status” by sending SMS to 606
  • Subscribers can choose to turn off the service

Got Questions?

Missed Call alert service allows you to receive notifications about missed calls when your phone is switched off, unreachable. Additionally, it provides notifications to your caller that the number they were trying to reach is available on the network.

If your phone was temporarily switched off or unreachable, after it is switched on, you will receive a text message enlisting the number of callers who tried to reach you. 

If a caller's number is in your address book, an SMS sender's name will be shown as specified in your address  book. Otherwise, caller's number is displayed. If calls were made from five or more different numbers, you will receive one SMS notification from `Missed call`. 

• A notification contains the following information: 

• total number of missed calls. 

• callers' phone numbers. 

• total number of missed calls from each phone number. 

• time and date of the last call for each phone number. 

• Missed Call for the customers out of reach is activated for all Globacom customers • The service is not provided if incoming or outgoing calls are blocked. 

• Missed Calls messages are stored for 24 hours and are delivered as soon as the phone is on. After 24 hours,  information is deleted. 

• If a calling number is not identified (e.g.if Caller ID Barring is enabled), notification on the call will not be sent. 

The service is provided to all Globacom customers. 

via SMS to 606 with keywords: 

• STATUS – to check status of the service • START M - to enable MCA 

• STOP M - to disable MCA

Inform the callers that you are available now and can answer their calls

Service possibilities: 
The service helps to inform the customers who were calling you, while you were out of reach, your phone was switched off or busy, that you are back in the network.

After you get registered in Globacom network, the customers who were calling while you were unreachable or  busy, will get a notification.

• The service is rendered only for Globacom subscribers only. 

• The information about missed calls is stored for maximum 4 hours after the call was made. After a 4-hour period expires, the information is deleted, and callers do not get notifications. 

• A notification will not be sent if a caller used Caller Line Identification Restriction, at the moment the call  was made. 

• Messages "NAM" are sent from 9 am to 8 pm.

• Notifications are sent to Globacom customers only. 

• The service is applicable only for customers with a Missed Call (the service activation is not required from the calling parties). 

The service is available to all customers with Missed Call. 

via SMS to 606 with keywords: 

• START N - to enable NAM 

• STOP N - to disable NAM