Got Questions?

Fibre to your home allows for higher bandwidth and speed which means you can receive more data in less time resulting in a seamless internet experience.  Whether you are working from home, participating in classes through online learning, video calling to family and friends, or enjoying a movie on OTT, you can rely on Glo FTTH to give you a strong and reliable internet connection to do whatever you want to do.
What are the benefits of GLO FTTH Service?

  • Ultra-fast internet speeds
  • Low latency, providing minimal delays for online gaming, video conferences, and streaming.
  • Reliable connection, less susceptible to interference or performance degradation.
  • Enhanced capacity for multiple devices and bandwidth-intensive activities.

Yes, Glo FTTH provides high-speed broadband with unlimited internet access. With our unlimited access, you will be able to play HD games on the internet.

Yes, you can change to Glo FTTH from your existing internet service provider provided there is a Glo Fiber deployment close to your residence or office. Contact our Account Manager ([email protected]) to enquire about the process and requirements.

Glo FTTH service installation days vary depending on your location and range from 5 days to 7 days. To learn more, please contact our Account Manager

Glo FTTH service will have flexible data plans at affordable prices in the future. To learn more, please log in to the Glo FTTH Self-Care Portal.

Yes, you can upgrade your service plan at the beginning of subsequent billing cycles. You have to log in to the Glo FTTH Self-Care Portal to do the same.

To check your data usage, kindly log in to the GLO FTTH Self-Care Portal ( , and click on data usage.

Please note that all service plans have a 30-day validity period. This implies your subscription will expire at the end of every 30 days.

You can renew on the GLO FTTH self-care Portal.

If you recharge before the expiry of an existing subscription, the recharge will be applied to your wallet, and the subscription renewed automatically after the expiry of the current subscription.

You may suspend your Glo FTTH subscription for a minimum period of two weeks. You must contact the customer service 72 hours in advance.

Please take note of the following in resolving issues relating to the red light showing on your modem:

  • Modem should be suspended where children/housekeeper will not be able to touch or tamper with.
  • Please ensure all cables are properly connected to the modem
  • If you notice a red light blinking on the modem, please restart the modem from the power source for about 5 seconds
  • If the red light blinking persists, please contact our customer service for quick resolution.

  • Please check if your data has been exhausted or expired by checking the Self-Care Portal
  • Please login to Glo FTTH Self Care Portal to confirm account status.
  • If the subscription is still active and unable to connect, confirm that the light indicators on the modem are on, Please check for a red light on the LOS or PON light blinking and ensure all cables are properly connected to the ONU. If the problem persists, please contact our customer service for a quick resolution.

If your business or residential location changes, we can relocate your FTTH service at a cost that shall be communicated to you so long as FTTH service has been provisioned in the new premise. Please contact our customer service center or send an email to your Account Manager and we will be glad to assist you.

We operate 24/7 on our contact channels. You can live chat with our customer service team 24/7 using the Glo FTTH Self-Care Portal.

We operate 24/7 on our contact channels. You can live chat with our customer service team 24/7 using the Glo FTTH Self-Care Portal.

You can escalate or reach the Glo FTTH Service customer service center via the following channels;

To sign up for GLO FTTH service, contact: Dial: 300 or 080 500 20300 or email: [email protected], or, for information on available plans, pricing, and signup procedures. The information received will guide you through the registration process.