Glo MyTube is a web-based service where you can play, entertain yourself, and learn lots of educative and cognitive games at a fixed subscription price, with no need for downloads or any storage usage on your device.
Your subscription is automatically renewed every day when you subscribe to the AUTO RENEWAL option. You can terminate your subscription whenever you want by entering your menu on and clicking on the UNSUBSCRIBE button. You may also terminate your subscription by sending an SMS or dialing a USSD code.

MyTube Subscriptions: Auto Renewal and One-time Subscriptions.

Validity Price Point Subscription SMS Keyword
Daily Renewal Auto N50.00 MT
Daily One-time N50.00 MT OT
Weekly Renewal Auto N150.00 MTW
Weekly One-time N150.00 MTW OT
Monthly Renewal Auto N500.00 MTM
Monthly One-time N500.00 MTM OT

Got Questions?

You can Unsubscribe your subscription by sending an SMS or dial an USSD code. After un-subscription, you will keep your access to Mytube until the last paid period ends. You can unsubscribe directly from your current price point by dialing any of the strings, respective to your active service pack.

Validity Price Point Un-Subscription SMS Keyword
Daily Renewal Auto N50.00 *577*30363*7#
Daily One-time N50.00 *577*30363*8#
Weekly Renewal Auto N150.00 *577*30363*9#
Weekly One-time N150.00 *577*30363*10#
Monthly Renewal Auto N500.00 *577*30363*11#
Monthly One-time N500.00 *577*30363*12#

Yes, all content provided by Mytube is totally safe for your handset and your personal data. You canplay online, and it won’t use any storage from your device.

You will keep your access to Mytube Portal until subscription ends. For example, in case of daily subscription, which was already renewed today, you will be able to Access content until the date ends.Or if you were subscribed to weekly and your last renewal happened on Monday, you will have access until Sunday (7 days).

Check if data or WIFI connection is working properly. If so, and this issue persists, please contact us indicating your issue, phone number, mobile operator and handset.

Contact VAS Content Provider – [email protected] or contact VAS aggregator at Olukayode Lawal [email protected]