Data Calculator

How much data do you really need? Use our data calculator to get a monthly estimate of which data plan best fits your lifestyle based on your usage.

How we Estimate

The following approximations are applied to estimate your data usage. They are based on typical file sizes.

1 hour of social media = 200mb

1 hour of browsing = 60mb

1 hour of Instant Messaging with video calls = 140mb

1 hour of streaming music = 60mb per hour

1 hour of streaming videos = 350mb (non HD) & 1GB (HD)

1 email sent or received with attachments = 500kb

1 minute of connected game play = 60mb

Data Usage & Tips

The most common examples of mobile activity (inclusive of uploads and downloads) that use up plenty of data are as follows; Downloading and watching videos online especially on sites like YouTube and Netflix

  • Music streaming apps like Spotify and Apple Music
  • Sending and receiving emails with large attachments
  • Software updates and virus definition updates
  • Playing games on a website or online via a downloaded app
  • Remote security cameras
  • Data sent between sites on a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  • Disable mobile data when it is not needed
  • Use data compression in your browser
  • Turn off automatic updates for apps.
  • Use Wi-Fi hotspots wherever you can to save data
  • Limit sending and receiving files and ‘push notifications’
  • Delete email messages that won’t send
  • Send big files when connected via Wi-Fi

  • Step 1. Dial *777#
  • Step 2. Type in 1 (buy data) in the dialogue box
  • Step 3. Type in 4 (manage plan) in the dialogue box
  • Step 4. Type 4 (get data balance) in the dialogue box
  • Step 5. Receive text message with your data balance details

  • Step 1. Dial *777#
  • Step 2. Type in 1 (buy data) in the dialogue box
  • Step 3. Type in 4 ( buy 3G-4G data plan) in the dialogue box
  • Step 4. Type the figure for the corresponding data plan into the dialogue box (e.g 2 for monthly plans)
  • Step 5. Type the figure for the data plan you wish to buy into the dialogue box (e.g 3 for 7.25gb at N2,500)
  • Step 6. Step 6. Receive text message confirming your data balance details

1MB = 1.024KB 1GB = 1,024MB