All rates are in Naira (NGN) per Minute

Got Questions?

Glo International call rates are the charges customers incure on the Glo network when they make calls to customers outside Nigeria i.e calls to the rest of the world. The rates customers are charged is dependent on the country called.

Visit Glo website and select your country of interest to know the rate you’ll be charged for calls to that country.

It depends on the country called and details are available when you select the country from the drop list on the Glo website

Yes, the rates are applicable to both sets of customers.

You need to precede the customer’s number with the dialing code of the country where s/he is located..

You do not need to make any subscription. Just dial the country using the right country code.

IDD calls are charged from your Main account except in a case where you have a valid IDD bundle. If you have a valid IDD bundle, calls will first be charged from the IDD bundle account and then from the Main account if the IDD bundle account is exhausted.

The international calling rates are subject to change without notice.

Calls to destinations not listed are charged at N9,999.