Sponsored Data Service

The Sponsored Data (Toll Free) Service enables companies to sponsor the data usage for specific content on behalf of Glo customers

A service by which Glo Enterprise customers can provide free data to the end customers. It is similar to dialing Toll Free 0800 number – the company dialed pays for the phone call.

Sponsored Data is about providing certain amount of data for the navigation of a mobile app/site to certain users free of costs – with an enterprise customer paying for the service.

How It Works
  • Glo Sponsored Data service enables customers and prospects to access the Sponsor’s website, apps and other data services without being charged.
  • The data charge is borne by the organization (the sponsor) through the procurement of a Glo Sponsored Data pack
  • All the customers and prospects (who are Glo subscribers) will be able browse websites, stream video, and enjoy apps on their wireless devices for FREE in line with set daily usage limits.
Our Value Proposition
  • Enhance your sales and lead generation efforts by enabling your potential prospects visit their website for FREE, taking advantage of Glo’s vast subscriber base.
  • Increase the Sponsor’s goodwill by letting the target market know they can access their website and use their apps without being charged.

Sponsored data is a more targeted and effective method of inducing trial of digital products.


Free trial and free sampling concept has better return and ROI than other media


Incremental revenue e.g., from engaging new customer sets by providing free access to m-commerce.


Increase Engagement by over 70% compared to other media


Enhanced brand perception.

Volume (GB) Price (N) Validity
Rate/Per GB
1,000 290,000 90 290
2,000 580,000 90 290
5,000 1,450,000 90 290
10,000 2,900,000 90 290
20,000 5,800,000 90 290
30,000 8,700,000 90 290
40,000 11,600,000 90 290
50,000 14,250,000 90 285
51,000 14,535,000 90 285
100,000 28,500,000 90 285
101,000 28,280,000 90 280
150,000 41,250,000 90 275
250,000 68,750,000 90 275
500,000 137,500,000 90 275
For Higher Sponsored Data Plans beyond 1TB, please Dial 121 or email us at [email protected]

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