Self Care

We have put in place certain Do-It-Yourself systems to enable you personally resolve challenges experienced without having to contact our call centre.

These simple approach to issue resolution puts you in command and control. Our Self-Care systems empowers you enable your APN setting for your devices, initiate your SIM replacement with many more options coming soon.

“APN Settings” for your smartphone/tablet enables the internet settings your device requires in order to use internet data or for internet connectivity. It is the same for any device (smartphone/tablet).

To enable your APN setting on your phone, simply navigate to your phone settings, select APN and enter the following details in the appropriate fields:

*Access Point Name (APN) = APN

*Username = Flat

*Password = Flat

Close the settings page and you can browse the internet.

You can replace your lost or stolen SIM card at any Gloworld Shop closest to you. Requirements for SIM replacement are listed below. You can also download a copy of the form online and process it prior to your visiting the Gloworld.

Requirements for SIM Replacement

1. Photocopy and original of a valid ID card, is compulsory for both Prepaid and Glo Business SIM replacements

The following shall constitute valid IDs:
  • National ID/Drivers License or International Passport
  • Employee ID/Trade Union ID or School ID
    * All IDs must bear a legible picture of the owner/bearer.

2a. Proof of ownership for Prepaid

  • SIM Certificate (cardholder) or Receipt of purchase
  • Police Report and Sworn Affidavit

2b. Proof of ownership for Glo Business

  • SIM Certificate (cardholder)
  • Copy of S.A.F. (Glomobile contract)
  • Glomobile Invoice of last 3 months (prior to line suspension)
  • Written request/introduction from Corporates.
  • Police report and Sworn Affidavit
  • The Cost for SIM replacement is N100.00 only
Click on the appropriate link below to download a form for SIM replacement
SIM Replacement Locations