Glo APN is a wireless transmission system which basically means Access Point Name which was derived from the Radio Access Network (RAN) via which it connects to the provider’s Network. It serves as a gateway between mobile network and a computer or other access device. It is usually employed to connect computer terminals wirelessly via GSM.


GPRS Services


Banks ATM and POS Terminals


Vehicle Tracking System


Automated Identification System (courier service parcel delivery)


Biometry and metering System (for monitoring of remote sites and meter system)


WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)


Security & Surveillance Camera System


Mobile Worker Access Network (News Reporters)


Remote Learning Aids (educational institutions)

Glo_Direct_5_50MB Glo_Direct_5_100MB
Product Type Telemetry M2M Telemetry M2M
Monthly Subscription per SIM / month ₦100 ₦200
Data Volume per bill cycle 50MB 100MB
Tariff outside Bundle ₦1/MB ₦1/MB
APN – VPN (if required) Possible Possible
APN – VPN (Set Up if required) ₦100,000 (on-off charge) ₦100,000 (one-off charge)
Static IP Possible (Free) Possible (Free)
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