Glo Smart Learning Suite

The Glo Smart Learning Suite is a platform for online education, which facilitates teaching and learning as well as school management. It is a customizable platform which offers rich features including; Live classes, online tests & exams, performance reporting, course registration, blended learning, etc.

The Smart Learning Suite also provides the Internet connectivity required by students, teachers and school administrators to facilitate communication and knowledge transfer.

Globacom proposition comprises a robust Learning Management Solution, Enterprise Resource Management and high-volume school data packs to provide a comprehensive online learning experience.

How It Works
  • The Globacom Smart Learning Suite is made up of the following components:
  • Learning Management System (LMS): The LMS provides tools to create and deliver content, monitor student participation and assess student performance. Other interactive features such as Instant Messaging, video conferencing and discussion forums are also available for a richer learning experience
  • School ERP: The ERP component automates the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, operational management and all related support processes for all types of institutions.
  • High Volume Data Packs: A range of affordable High Volume School Data plans are now available to ensure the students and facilitators maintain connectivity to the LMS platform for the delivery of the online educational content. The high volume data packs can also be delivered as bucket data or as sponsored data service.

Customer (Schools / Institutions) gets the Flexibility to Get Entire Solution from A Single Provider and can scale operations easily by adding ERP to the LMS Module as well as increase data and bandwidth capacity in response to growth.


Customer (Students) Gets a Bundled Package from Glo with Lower and affordable Tariffs as they subscribe to the Glo Smart Learning Suite.


We also offer over 2500 professional courses from IVY League schools and other reputable institutions from across the world.

For more information or enquiry on the Glo Smart Learning Suite, please Dial 121 or email us at corporatecar[email protected]
How to subscribe

For pricing and plans, please fill in our subscriber application form and contact your account manager or write to us on [email protected]

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