Your digital Trivia destination! Subscribe weekly/daily or play one-off games. Weekly subscribers get 7 credits, daily subscribers get 1. Answer 10 questions right in time to win instant cash. Earn points with every renewal and play, boosting your draw prize chances. The more points you accumulate, the greater your winning potential. Join now and turn knowledge into rewards!
Unlock winnings with Perfect 10! Score 10/10 for a chance to bag ₦100,000 instantly. Join to win unlimited instant prizes! Plus, every 6 months, ₦5 Million is shared among 10 lucky draw winners. Subscribers enjoy game credits and accumulate points for higher draw chances. Perfect 10 Draw, held biannually, offers exciting opportunities. Play now—your shot at instant cash and big draw prizes awaits!

You can access the service with appealing subscription rates on a daily & weekly, basis.

Daily ₦50
Weekly ₦100

Got Questions?

Dial *4551# to select the opt-out option

You are informed instantly of your score after each game. If you get 10/10 , you will see your score and prize won on the game portal. Perfect10 representative will get in touch with you within 24hrs if you have won any cash prize, to ask for your account details where your winnings would be transferred to.

Perfect10 representative will contact you and inform you on the collection/delivery process. Primarily by asking for your bank account Info which your reward would be paid to. Your bank account would be credited by Truthware Solutions Limited.

No. Prizes cannot be transferred.

To win Perfeet 10 instant prize is simple.

  • You need to enter Perfect 10 website and start a game.
  • Each game consists of 10 questions.
  • Time is limited, as each question must be answered within 10 seconds or less.
  • Time is limited, as each question must be answered within 10 seconds or less.
    • multiple choice questions where you will be required to choose 1 or more correct answer(s) from the options given,
    • questions requiring you to sort a series of items in ascending or descending order.
  • The participant wins instantly by answering 10 consecutive questions correctly.
  • The 10-second timeframe is counted exclusively by the system's server..

To stand a chance to win the Perfect 10 Draw Prizes you will need to have gathered points that are automatically translated to chances for the draws. Points are counted from the beginning of the campaign if you are an active subscriber. Points are collected as following:

  • The weekly subscription service awards 140 points.
  • The daily subscription service awards 20 points.
  • Successful service renewal awards 20 points more than last successful full service (daily) renewal.
  • According to the number of correct answers you have given on Perfect 10 games, you will get extra points:
    • 0 correct answers: No points
    • 1 correct answer: 5points
    • 2 correct answers: 10 points
    • 3 correct answers: 30 points
    • 4 correct answers: 50 points
    • 5 correct answers: 100 points
    • 6 correct answers: 200 points
    • 7 correct answers: 300 points
    • correct answers: 500 points
    • 9 correct answers: 800 points
    • 10 correct answers: 1,000 points

The Campaign started on XX/06/2023 and is still live

You can see them on your Profile page on Perfect 10 website.

Yes, all credits will expire at the end of the day/week according to the subscription you bought.

There is no limit to the number of games a user can play within a given day as long as it is in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of the service.

You will only have 10 seconds to answer each question. If you exceed this time limit, the game will end automatically. You will have the option of playing another round if you still have credits available for the day.

No. Points collected for draw prizes will not be forfeited.

No. The points collected shall be exclusively used for the purpose of this Campaign only.

No, because payment for your subscription has been deducted and the game credits have been awarded to you. So, you can use the credit with no extra charge. However, if you want to purchase additional credits through the web game, you will have to re-subscribe to the Perfect 10 again.