Zoom, an entertainment lifestyle lottery, grants subscribers the opportunity to win millions in cash and diverse prizes, including music video shoots, concert tickets, backstage passes, sport and business mentorship, and more through Zoom Raffle Draw. Simple participation requires only a phone number and a basic handset. Engage in the Zoom Raider game for a chance to win a raid Shoprite for 1 minute.
Participate in Zoom's thrilling activities: Zoom Raffle Draw, Raider Game, trivia, and treasure hunt. Play from anywhere in Nigeria, live on Instagram. Play online or via your Glo line. Purchase raffle tickets from music, dance, business, and sports categories to enter the draw. For the Raider draw, secure raider tickets for a chance to raid Shoprite. Dive into the action now!

You can access the game with appealing subscription rates on a daily & weekly and monthly basis.

PLAN Music, Dance, Sports, Business Raider
Daily ₦20 NA
Weekly ₦100 ₦100
Monthly ₦500 NA

Got Questions?

• USSD: Dial *20010# to subscribe or Dial *305*3#

Dial *305*3# to select the opt-out option 

Zoom Raffle Draw is one of Zoomlifestyle games where winners are selected from Zoom Music, Zoom Dance, Zoom Sports, Zoom Business, and international category during the live raffle draw to win N200,000 each. Zoom raffle draw is every Saturday by 12noon on @zoomupyourlife Instagram page.

Zoom Raider Game is where lucky winners are given the chance to raid Shoprite for free with their selected partner for 60secs, all-expense paid by Zoom, anything they can put in the cart is theirs.

Zoom trivia game is a bonus game on Zoomlifestyle where winners are selected based on the first set of people to correctly answer all trivia questions. The trivia game is available for those with valid raffle tickets.

Zoom treasure hunt game is a bonus game on Zoom where winners stand a chance to win cash, data, and airtime through various flips in the treasure hunt game. The treasure hunt game is available for those with valid raffle tickets.

After purchasing your raider tickets from the website or from your network, you can watch the raider draw on the Instagram live raider draw to see if your phone number is one of the winning phone numbers. You can also watch previous raider videos on Zoom’s social media page and YouTube channel (Zoom Lifestyle).

You can play Zoom from anywhere in Nigeria.

Winners and their partners residing outside Lagos are flown into Lagos all-expense paid by Zoom.

Winners and their selected partners also get hotel accommodation and food all paid by Zoom.

There are 5 winners each week for the N1 million naira raffle draw.

There are usually 10 winners for the Zoom trivia game.

Zoom raider draw is on selected dates, details of the raider draw are announced on Zoom’s social media page and the raider draw is conducted after the raffle draw occasionally.

Anyone can play Zoom raffle draw within and outside Nigeria, but the raider and trivia game are only for players in Nigeria.

After purchasing your tickets, you can watch the live draw on @zoomupyourlife Instagram page by 12 noon on Saturday to see if your tickets are one of the winning tickets.

You will also receive an SMS before the live draw on Saturday to watch the live draw.

Tickets are sent to your registered Zoomlifestyle account. Tickets are also sent to your SMS inbox when you buy tickets via your airtime and sent to your email when you buy tickets with your card.

All winners are contacted after the raffle draw by a Zoomlifestyle representative immediately after the live draw and their bank details are requested for payment. Zoom will never ask for money to receive your winnings, winners are paid free of charge.

All winners are contacted immediately after the live draw by a Zoomlifestyle representative on +2347045427733.

You will also receive a URL via SMS after the live draw to see the winners.

Mr P no longer calls winners via video calls, all winners are contacted by a Zoom representative.

All winners are contacted via call, text message and WhatsApp message.

If you are playing via web, you can subscribe as much as you want. If you are playing with your GLO line, you can subscribe to a particular category once until your subscription ends.

All winners are paid in Naira.

No, the international category is only meant for those outside Nigeria.

After purchasing your tickets from your Glo line, you will receive a message confirming your subscription and qualification for the draw.

I have a small phone; can I play Zoom?

Yes, you can. 

You can play anytime, simply dial *20010#. Once you have purchased your tickets, you have automatically played.

Your phone number is probably on DND, simply send ALLOW or HELP to 2442 from your GLO line to opt out.

No, Zoomlifestyle is not on WhatsApp.

No, Zoom does not have an agent nor a manager and there is no account number to make payment. All tickets are purchased from the website: www.zoomlifestyle.com or from your GLO line by dialing *20010#

No, they are not. To qualify for the raffle draw, you must buy raffle tickets from the music, dance, business, and sports category while to qualify for the raider draw, you must buy raider tickets.

No. It isn’t compulsory to upload your content.

You can upload your content via Zoom’s website www.zoomlifestyle.com in the format requested OR you can visit the URL on your subscription message to upload your content.