Globacom Layer-3 IP-MPLS VPN solution to this company has made implementation of ERP possible within its Head office , Production facilities and Depots, resulting in streamlined processes, faster movement of products, inventory minimization , improved productivity, wastage minimization and increased profits to customer

About Our Customer

This, one of the largest manufacturing sector companies, bottles and sells alcohol free beverages in Nigeria. The company offers carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks, fruit drinks and juices, bottled water, and energy drinks. It bottles various brand name products, and is based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Globacom, by virtue of its Strong Network coverage and demonstrated capabilities in providing End-to-end solutions to prominent Enterprises, has been awarded a 3 year contract as the Primary Service Provider to build and manage their Primary WAN connectivity for 71 locations within Nigeria


The company was facing a major challenge to connect its head office, Branch offices, distribution network and dealer networks via a secure and dedicated MPLS connectivity, which has long posed a challenge for distributed organizations that, was growing day by day as the customer was entering into new markets and expands into existing ones.

The customer was finding it difficult to get a single telecom carrier which have a nationwide coverage and can provide a cost-effective connectivity and offer least cost routing for its applications to perform well over distance and offer an dedicated WAN solution that address these unique challenges of getting the most out of branch offices seamlessly connect to their HO to run mission critical applications

Customer Requirements

The Customer had a unique requirement of a Low Latency MPLS network to connect its head offices to branch offices, depots and dealer networks in which they needed an Auto-failover to be implemented by way of dynamic routing protocol (OSPF) as CE-PE protocol between Carrier IP-MPLS and Customer CE routers.

Voice and Video traffic to be been given highest priority with minimum bandwidth guarantees on the Glo IP-MPLS network .The VPN design as expected to be on OSPF as the CE-PE protocol. The Networks from Customer HQ need to be advertised with lower metric than the branch Networks, towards the spoke locations (Plants & Depots), making the HQ as the preferred path.

The Solution offered by Globacom

With extensive understanding of the customer requirements and several subsequent deliberations, Globacom came up with a robust and highly scalable solution for customer. Globacom had designed a Layer-3 IP-MPLS VPN based WAN connectivity for the customer. The design was based on Hub-&-spoke topology, Lagos being the Primary hub and all customer manufacturing facilities being the secondary hub and rest all Plants and Depots (Big/ Medium/ Small) being the spoke locations

Globacom have provided the managed CE routers at all the customer locations installed and maintained the CPE as well as connectivity along with a monitoring portal to the customer, offering them a real-time view of the customer network for their traffic utilization. The Primary IP-MPLS WAN links and CE routers provided by Globacom were monitored Pro-actively at Globacom 24×7 Enterprise NOC in Lagos, to meet the stringent SLA’s signed with the customer.