Globacom effective Sales approach and great customer service have envisaged One of the Largest Universities in Nigeria to choose Globacom as it Telecom partner for all of its connectivity and communication needs

About Our Customer

One of the largest universities in Nigeria , engaged in imparting contemporary knowledge using Top Technologies for educations and offering multi-disciplinary education in Nigeria to men and women of all races as well as generating growth via its intellectual practices relevant to the needs of its student community , was looking to connect its offices via high speed internet to offer every effective online communication and education material to its students and staff to enable them to abreast with latest educational trends and provide research / education to its students

The University worked closely with Broadband Solutions to implement an alternate internet solution that was capable of meeting the needs of students and teachers, while ensuring that Department of Education and Early Childhood Development safety requirements were not compromised


The University, one of most innovative educators adopting forward-thinking approaches to the implementation of information technology in the learning environment of Nigeria, worked closely with Globacom to implement an Very High Speed internet solution (Multiple STM1’s) that was capable of meeting the needs of students and teachers, while ensuring that they get the best connectivity solution across the university campus for their students and staff.

The customer was finding it difficult to get a single telecom carrier which have a nationwide coverage and can provide a cost-effective connectivity and offer least cost routing for its applications to perform well over distance and offer an dedicated WAN solution that address these unique challenges of getting the most out of branch offices seamlessly connect to their HO to run mission critical applications

Customer Requirements

As more and more devices began to come online within the University students and staff, the university was faced with an increasing shortage of bandwidth. In many classes where Tablets and laptops were being used, the internet would grind to a halt, limiting the ability of students and teachers to properly take advantage of the technology.

The slowdown was caused by bandwidth limitations on the current connectivity network provided by its existing network operator, there was a major challenge to cope up with the increasing bandwidth requirements, based on the increasing number of students enrolled. Due to large demands on the limited bandwidth available, certain sites, including many educational and research websites were throttled and was unable to help the university allocate bandwidth across many departments.

The throttling was causing major issues for both students and teachers. If for example, in the middle of a class, the iPods connected to online educational lectures from international educational institutes would come to a halt while the student devices tried to download information/content and online broadcast of the lectures

As more and more devices were being added to their network, both in the University environment and through our BYOD programs, it was increasingly obvious that the university connection wasn’t a suitable solution.

The Solution offered by Globacom

Globacom Solutions Design and Architect team have done a thorough analysis of the university requirements and offered an 2 STM1 internet access link to this customer and monitored their requirements via real-time PRTG servers about the consumption and provided the analysis to the university in the periodic intervals

with our best service to the customer and reporting about their bandwidth consumption , the customer have now upgraded the connectivity to 3STM1 from Globacom , which is owing their own submarine cable ( Glo1) to offer a very low latency and high speed internet solution to these kind of educational institutions in Nigeria.